Bandit Lake Pavilion - Picnic Area 1

Heritage Lake Pavilion - Picnic Area 2 (1 Grill)

High Plains Pavilion - Picnic Area 3 (2 Grills)

There is a $25 fee to use the pavilion area and is due upon reservation. Picnic areas and base lakes are to be vacated by 8:00 PM.

NO OPEN FIRES WILL BE PERMITTED expect in barbeque grills.


Base Lakes - Watercraft Rules

 All activities in the base lakes areas will be conducted in a safe manner which precludes personal injury and damages to facilities and property.

All patrons will obey posted rules and regulations around base lakes.

Base lakes are available weather permitting; the lakes are considered off limits during inclement weather periods, to include lightning within five miles and when ice has formed on the water surface.

Lakes are closed to boating 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and utilization of tobacco products is prohibited in the base lakes areas.

Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and other similar small boats are the only authorized watercraft on base lakes.

No inflatable watercraft, paddle boards, motorized boats (includes trolling motors), or boats exceeding 16 feet are permitted on base lakes.

Base lakes are limited to no more than six boats at a given time.

Privately owned boats will not be moored or stored at the base lakes area.

Boat owners must comply with federal and State of South Dakota boating laws and regulations.

All boats are subject to authorized weight and occupant limits as defined by manufacturer specifications and the United States Coast Guard Directives.

Outdoor Recreation representatives are authorized to randomly inspect boats for compliance with these specifications.

All watercraft occupants must comply with South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks requirements for personal floatation devices.

Flotation devices are available for sign-out at the Outdoor Recreation Office.

Footwear is required.

No more than three people may occupy a boat while on the base lakes.

Swimming, wading, and associated in-water recreational/sports activities are prohibited in the base lakes.

Watercraft must be launched and recovered from designated locations at each base lake; local signage will indicate these designated locations.

Patrons are not permitted to drive or park on grassy areas; boats must be portaged to the water.

Patrons are responsible for the removal of all equipment, trash, debris from the base lake areas upon completion of their reservation period.

Violation of these policies may result in the loss of base lake privileges.

Ellsworth AFB Weather

Current Conditions at Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD

Light Unknown Precip and Windy26.0°

wind: from the North at 34.5 gusting to 46.0 MPH (30 gusting to 40 KT), windchill: 8°, pressure: 1020.2 mb, dewpoint: 12.0, relative humidity: 55%

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